Website Translations

The web knows no bounds and neither does your website. Language will always be a barrier, however, so a proper website translation is more important than ever. When it comes to website translations, it is important to first figure out the nature of your international target group. How large is this target group and what do they need? Once you know what you need, you can make solid choices regarding your translation. We always recommend having the entire website translated, including any images and meta information. Who will end up doing the translation is equally important. By focusing on the target group, the translation will be of a higher quality. By taking into account differences in language and culture, you can prevent language issues and messages being interpreted the wrong way. Naturally, this will have a positive effect on your company’s image.

Conversion-oriented translations

A quality translation contributes to a specific purpose. In the case of a website this usually means conversions. The things we want visitors to do on a website, such as purchasing a product in a web shop or requesting a quotation. Our translators have been trained in conversion-oriented translations. They can make sure the website’s content is high quality, but they place equal importance on making sure the website meets its intended goals. In addition to conversions, search engine optimisation is just as vital. There can be no conversions if the website has no traffic. A proper SEO translation will certainly contribute to the conversion goals you may have put in place for your website.

Content first

So you’ve decided to develop a multilingual website. The technical aspects have all been taken care of. Somewhere down the road, the website will have to feature quite a lot of content. In our experience, this is where various website translations come into play. We believe this should happen much sooner. It would be far more efficient to have the content ready to be translated before the website is launched. This means the multilingual content can be incorporated into the final website design right off the bat. More importantly, this means the website designers can take into account the different languages immediately and build the website accordingly. The same goes for translating the various URLs.

Translation Agency Perfect checks every website translation

Our references include well-known brands such as Zalando, Jeansonline and Every translation is checked thoroughly by an experienced revisor. Translation Agency Perfect exclusively employs highly trained translators and revisors and adheres to strict standards regarding quality, due to our ISO9001:2008 and NEN-15038 certifications.