Spanish Translation Agency

If you want to translate your texts into Spanish, our Spanish translation agency is the perfect place. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Spanish is an especially dominant language in most of South America. If you want to do business in any of these countries, a proper Spanish translation is absolutely essential.

Spanish translations

Spain is home to several different languages, which often leads to confusion abroad. Most people speak of dialects, whereas in Spain they are referred to as five official languages:

Spanish (Castillian)

Spanish is the only official language nationally. The other four are official languages in their respective regions. Catalan, for example, is spoken by about 18% of the Spanish population. One of Spain’s largest cities is in Catalonia, namely Barcelona. A website focussed on Barcelona should probably be translated into Catalan rather than Spanish (or both, ideally). These are exceptions, of course, but you should definitely keep this in mind if you want to reach a specific target group.

Why you should choose our translation agency

As a Spanish translation agency we can make sure that your message is properly and professionally tailored to some of the 500 million Spanish speakers worldwide.

All of our translations are done by native speakers of Spanish with extensive training in Spanish language and culture. You can rest assured that your translation meets stringent quality standards and is tailored to your specific target group. 

Translation Agency Perfect is both ISO9001:2008 and NEN-EN-15038 certified. There standards require us to have each translation checked by an experienced revisor. We cannot overstress the importance of professional translations for your Spanish customers and business partners. Translation Agency Perfect therefore guarantees quick, inexpensive and high-quality translations.