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A quick translation at the right time can mean the difference between success or failure. If this is the case, we are happy to prioritise a translation. We define an urgent translation, sometimes called a rush job, as a translation that requires same day completion, or if more than 2,000 words need to be translated per business day. Speed is key, but not at the expense of quality. We are happy to consult with you about the general quality level required, e.g. over the phone. With a short and concise description of the type of translation, as well as the goal of the text, we can create the right balance between speed and quality.

The process for an urgent translation

Below you will find the general workflow we use for urgent translations. We can deviate from this process in mutual consultation if so desired.

  1. You call or email us and give us your deadline
  2. We draw up a quote as quickly as possible with a fixed price and the deadline we discussed
  3. You receive the quote by email right away, which you can confirm and sign for online.
  4. We start the translation and you will receive it by email along with the invoice
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"I always strive to provide our clients with a tailored quote that not only meets their expectations, but exceeds them."
Thomas Lubbers – Projectmanager

Turnaround time of an urgent translation

For large texts that require an urgent translation, it is possible to assign multiple translators to the job. We will do everything we can to meet the specified deadline. To give you an idea of what kind of deadline we can meet you will find an indication below:

- When a single translator works on a text, 300 words per hour (2,000 words per day).
- When two translators work on a text, 550 words per hour (3,850 words per day).
- For certain projects we can assign more than two translators to a single job.

Require a last-minute translation of an annual report? Or need a book translation right before a publisher's deadline? Not a problem! We can accommodate your urgent translations.

Frequently asked questions for urgent translations

We calculate the price by multiplying the word count by the rate per word. This then becomes the base translation price.

If you would like us to perform a full quality check on the translation, we will charge a small additional fee. If your translation doesn't have a Western European language in the language pair, the price may go up. Finally, we charge an additional fee if you have an urgent translation.

Our translators prefer working with Microsoft Word files. However, this doesn't mean you are restricted to just this file type. For example, if you have a PDF file, we can most likely convert it to a translatable format. Other file formats we can work with include: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, XML and any plain text files. Do you have a different file type? Please contact one of our project managers.

Files must be provided digitally. We assess the provided documents on complexity and will perform a word count before we draw up a quote. We can make some exceptions depending on the situation. Legal documents and documents that require a sworn translation may be provided by registered post due to their confidential nature.

Translation Agency Perfect can translate different kinds of texts for you. You can contact us for the translation of manuals, general terms and conditions and brochures, among other things. We also translate blogs, web shops and websites.

You send your texts to Translation Agency Perfect and indicate your translation requirements, after which we will study your request and look for the best native translator. You will then receive an offer. After approval we will start translating immediately. Before we mail the translation to you, it is revised.

The ISO-9001 standard aims to continuously increase customer satisfaction, while the aim of the ISO-17100 standard is to guarantee the quality of the urgent translations. The latter standard also ensures that the translated text is revised.

A translation memory is built up. This means that in similar follow-up tasks, the previously translated words are deducted. We also look at any repeated segments in the source text itself. This is attractive in terms of cost and quality. By reusing words and phrases that have already been translated, translations are translated consistently.

Our working method for urgent translations

All urgent translations go through the following steps:
urgent translations translation agency perfect step 1
Step 1

You send us your texts and requirements

You can send us your files by email, our online quote form, or by using WeTransfer. Let us know if you have any specific requirements so we can start the project properly.

urgent translations translation agency perfect step 2
Step 2

We look at your request thoroughly

We take the utmost care to find the story behind the words. This tells us exactly what the translation needs and how we can convey that story in your translation.

urgent translations translation agency perfect step 3
Step 3

We select the most fitting native linguist

We have an extensive network of translation professionals, which means we can always find the right match for your job. We make our selection based on experience in your industry or with your desired target audience.

urgent translations translation agency perfect step 4
Step 4

We send you a great offer

Based on the information outlined above, we will send you a fitting offer that outlines all of your specified requirements!

urgent translations translation agency perfect step 5
Step 5

We start the translation process immediately after approval

Once you accept our offer, we will immediately start the translation process and make sure all of your requirements are met. One less thing for you to worry about!

urgent translations translation agency perfect step 6
Step 6

The reviewer thoroughly revises the translation, after which we send the final product to you

The selected reviewer will thoroughly revise your translation. Once finished, we will send you the translation by email.

urgent translations translation agency perfect step 7
Step 7

Our quality guarantee remains in effect even after we've delivered your translation

We have a unique quality guarantee. If you have any questions or feedback about our translation (within 30 days), we will happily discuss them with you and apply any necessary changes.

urgent translations rates

We can imagine that you are curious about what you pay for Urgent Translations. Because Translation Agency Perfect likes to be as transparent as possible, the table below shows the costs we charge for Urgent Translations:
Urgent TranslationsGeneral quality checkComplete quality check
General € 0,14 € 0,16
Specialised area of expertise € 0,15 € 0,17
Surcharge for other languages * € 0,02 – € 0,06 € 0,02 – € 0,06
Minimum rate € 40,- € 50,-
Native translators & guarantee
Personal Service & Support
Translation memory possible
Sample check
Full check
ISO-17100 compliant translation
* The translation has to be delivered on the same day, or requires more than 2,000 words to be translated per business day.

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