Urgent Translations

Translations with a strict deadline. Translations that have to be ready on the same day, or translations that require more than 2,000 words to be translated per day, are called urgent translations. Speed is crucial when it comes to urgent translations, but never at the cost of quality. You can expect the same quality that our regular translations adhere to. Urgent translations are about the deadline. This applies to urgent press releases for example. We make sure you have an appropriate translations as soon as possible.

Fast and perfect

  • A price estimate and an estimated delivery time within 1 minute. Call +31 (0)53 – 8529 052
  • You will receive a quotation with a fixed price by e-mail
  • ISO & NEN-EN-15038 certified by KIWA Nederland
  • Translations up to 10% cheaper thanks to our technological innovations
  • If necessary, several translators can work on your text simultaneously
  • Our translators can work evenings and weekends if the situation calls for it

Delivery time of an urgent translation

When it comes to very large texts, it is possible for different translators to work on the same translation simultaneously. This allows us to make sure we meet the specified deadline. Below is an example of our working method that illustrates the difference between working with several translators at once as opposed to a single translator:

With a single translator working on your text, 300 words per hour (about 2,000 words a day)
With two translators working on the same text, 550 words per hour (about 3,850 words a day)

Quotation within 1 minute

Call +31 (0)53 – 8529 052 and you will receive a price estimate within 1 minute. We will also let you know whether we can meet your specified deadline. If so desired, we can send you a quotation by e-mail within 30 minutes. The quotation lists a fixed price, as well as the delivery time (expressed in working days and a specific time). You can also send us an e-mail with the text and your desired time of delivery. If you specify that it’s an urgent translation, we will send you a quotation by e-mail within 30 minutes.