Technical Translations

For a proper technical translation, it is vital for terminology to be used very consistently. In addition to language proficiency, a technical translator also needs to have excellent knowledge of a specific technical area of expertise. The translators working for Translation Agency Perfect have that expertise in spades. They have received extensive training in various disciplines, including agriculture, forestry, aviation, the shipping industry, the chemical industry, transport and logistics. Our specific language expertise, combined with our technical expertise, allows us to provide high-quality technical translations on a daily basis.

Understandably technical

After translation, a technical text should be just as easily understood as the source text. This means that merely translating a technical document usually doesn’t suffice. Rewriting a text in a different language prevents the text from being interpreted incorrectly. This is vital when it comes to specific instructions. By using so-called translation memories we can make sure that any and all terminology is applied consistently throughout the text. In addition, a technical translation is always checked by an experienced revisor. This allows us to offer the high level of quality you expect from a professional translation agency.


Translation Agency Perfect is one of the few translations in the Netherlands with both ISO9001 and NEN-EN-15038 certifications. They are quality standards for translation agencies. In order to keep our certifications, we have to meet several strict standards, which includes having every translated text revised.

Translation Agency Perfect can translate the following types of documents (among others):

  • Manuals
  • Product specifications
  • Instruction materials
  • Handbooks and work instructions
  • Assembly and measuring instructions
  • Software-documentation
  • Safety instructions
  • Product brochures
  • Technical reports
  • Transport documents
  • Scientific articles