Software Localisation

Translation Agency Perfect translates software and online help systems on a regular basis. However, translating software entails more than simply translating a text from one language into another. There are various aspects that need to be taken into account during such a translation.

Tailored to a specific audience

Translation is all about getting the right message across. In addition to translating the software itself, the target audience for said software also needs to be taken into account. Are there any important cultural differences? What are the people like? Do they subscribe to different values?

Tailoring software to the country, its language, its culture and its people is also known as software localisation.

Professional software localisation

Do you have any software that you would like to launch in different countries? Translation Agency Perfect can help you localise your software.

In order to properly localise software, we work exclusively with educated native speakers. Native speakers were born and raised in the country where their language is spoken. The main advantage is that they are extremely familiar with the language, culture and people in the country in question.

ISO & NEN certified

Quality is absolutely essential, especially when it comes to software localisation. As we noted previously, we only work with educated experts. Translation is always carried out by humans, however, so mistakes may be made. In order to account for this, we employ experienced revisors who check every translation for accuracy.

The revision process is one of the many requirements we have to meet in order to retain our NEN-EN-15038 certification. In addition to this ‘quality standard’, we also have the coveted ISO 9001:2008 certification. ISO’s focus is on increasing customer satisfaction.