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Most of our work consists of translations from and into English. As an English translation agency, we are certified for these language pairs according to the ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 standards. These standards require us to revise every single translation and to strive for excellent customer satisfaction. Dutch people often think they have mastered the English language to such an extent that they can easily translate texts into English. However, there's a big difference between a clear English text and a text that reads as though it was written by a native speaker of English. A financial translation from or into English is a daily routine for our translators.

Experienced in-house English translators

We are one of only a handful of translation agencies in the Netherlands that employ experienced English in-house translators. They are more than happy to consult with you and provide the quality that our ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 standards require. Our trained and experienced translators work meticulously to maintain the right tone of voice when translating your texts from and into English. Any good English translator will have gone through an English language degree programme or is a native speaker of the language in order to be able to translate texts from and into English at the highest level. After all, a good translation is a sustainable investment.

British English and American English

A text that isn't translated properly can lead to some disastrous consequences, including loss of confidence from your clients, a damaged reputation or even a loss of clients altogether. Even the differences between British English and American English can lead to such results. Although they may appear to be very similar, there are some important difference in spelling, wording, grammar and pronunciation. The spelling standard used by around two thirds of Brits, which was popularised by British newspapers, is the so-called “Newspaper Spelling”. This form is by far the most common in folders, brochures and other advertising materials. Many international organisations and academic publications tend to favour what is known as “Oxford Spelling”. Translation Agency Perfect guarantees that English texts will be translated according to what your target audience needs, taking into account all of the differences in spelling, wording and grammar mentioned above. Our in-house English translators can help with all of your translations in British English or American English.

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"I specialised in translating English-language advertising and marketing texts."
Linda van Teijlingen – Translator

An English translation agency with daily experience in a wide variety of industries

As an English translation agency, we translate important texts into English for many different organisations on a daily basis. From hospitals to multinationals and from municipalities to technical SMEs. Our clients value our price-performance ratio, speed and clear communication. We utilise translation memories for a variety of clients to offer even greater consistency in their translations. A translation memory is not a machine translation, but a tool that supports translators in translating sentences or segments that they already translated previously. Translation memories can also often lead to cost savings. Our project managers and translators are happy to consult with you to find the best possible solution for your translation query.

English translations

As a translation agency, it goes without saying that English is an indispensable language. In 2019 we translated more than 7,500 documents from or into English. Our English translators can translate your texts from and into English with excellent quality. We have been providing high-quality English translations for nearly ten years now. Have your documents translated by an English translator at Translation Agency Perfect.

Common language pairs

English - German, German - English, Spanish - English, English - Spanish and French - English are the most common language pairs that our English translators deal with on a daily basis.

Want to translate your Dutch terms and conditions into English, for example? We would be happy to help!

Translating for our clients is both our passion and our calling

Your trusted language service provider for English translations Translation Agency Perfect
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Your trusted language service provider for English translations

We help organisations of all sizes maximise their international potential, every single day. We take a close look at your needs and will happily consult with you about your translation requirements. Interested? Request a free quote!

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A flawless test translation gave us complete confidence in Translation Agency Perfect” We discussed the style of the translation personally. We compiled a terminology list and they adhered to it perfectly.
– Elseline Tolhoek - Zalando
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98% of our customers recommend us Translation Agency Perfect
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98% of our customers recommend us

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The translation agency that speaks the jargon of your target audience Translation Agency Perfect
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The translation agency that speaks the jargon of your target audience

Every year, we translate texts for over 2000 different organizations, and ours texts are read by people all over the world. Our team of native translators and language experts will find the right terminology and tone for you.

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Quality guarantee and certification Translation Agency Perfect
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Quality guarantee and certification

We are among the few translation agencies that are both ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 certified. What is unique is our quality guarantee, which applies to every translation. We are also B corp certified. A B Corp also achieves social and sustainable impact. We want globalisation to make a positive contribution. We strive to improve every single day, and have been for over fourteen years.

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Meet the people in our team
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