Chinese Translation Agency

As a Chinese translation agency, we offer professional, high-quality translation to and from Chinese. Because of the exceptional economic growth in China, the number of Chinese translations has increased significantly in the past three years. Thanks to our experienced Chinese translators, our Chinese translation agency is able to translate your texts meticulously and effortlessly.

Literally translating texts to Chinese is virtually impossible. The Chinese language employs thousands of characters that may have several readings and meanings. Usually, a word will consist of two or more characters. As a Chinese translation agency, we work with professional native speakers (including Yong-Min, see photo). This means our Chinese translators exclusively translate texts into their native tongue. They grew up with the Chinese language and culture, which allows us to take into account important cultural differences between Chine and other countries.

Different writing styles

A ‘Chinese’ translation doesn’t really exist. We will discuss with you the variety of Chinese your text should be translated to. These varieties include Mandarin, Wu, Ke (Hakka), Min, Yue (Cantonese), Xiang, Gan, Jin, Pinghua and Hui. There are also different writing methods for Chinese characters, namely Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, as well as the Latin alphabet. We can take these written styles into account depending on your needs.

Challenging translations

[vertaler Chinees] Because of the complexity of the Chinese language, translations into Chinese take approximately 30% longer than a translation to a more common language (such as German or French). There are roughly 12,000 characters in the Chinese language. This means that translating texts into Chinese is a very complex process. By properly interpreting the text and rewriting it for a Chinese-speaking audience, we are able to add exactly the right nuance to your text.

You will never have to worry about quality. As a Chinese translation agency, we are both ISO9001:2008 and NEN-EN-15038 certified. This means our translation have to meet strict quality standards. You can always rest assured that your translations will be of the highest possible quality.