Financial Translations

Financial documents feature a lot of financial jargon. Translating these documents is therefore much more complex than doing other types of translations. Additionally, a financial translations has to be handled very meticulously. The content has to match the source, and there is no room for misinterpretation. For our regular clients in the financial sector we regularly do financial translations, varying from quarterly and annual reports to pension plans, financial regulations and insurance policies. Our financial translators are all keenly aware of the terminology used.

Financial translation agency

As a financial translation agency we handle financial translations for our clients on a daily basis. One of the most common types of translation for our clients in the financial sector is the annual report. Annual reports have to be translated according to the standards set by the IFRS, the International Financial Reporting Standards. In addition, Translation Agency Perfect can take care of the following types of financial translations:

  • Fiscal reports
  • Financial business advice
  • Customs documents
  • Pension schemes
  • Financial folders and brochures
  • Insurance policies

Translation Agency Perfect is an experienced financial translation agency whose translators can provide the necessary experience and knowledge of common terminology in the financial sector. This is why many leading companies come to us for their financial translations.

Certification and confidentiality

We are fully aware of the confidentiality of many of our clients’ documents. A non-disclosure agreement applies to every single translation. This NDA has also been recorded in our General Terms and Conditions. If so desired, we may also be able to sign a non-disclosure agreement drawn up by you. In addition to that, the quality of your translation is of the utmost importance. In order to safeguard objectivity, financial documents are usually translated literally. Because we are both NEN-15038 and ISO 9001 certified, we are obliged to have an experienced revisor check every translation. You can rest assured that your financial translation is high quality, objective and accurate.