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In the Netherlands, virtually everyone speaks and writes Dutch. And a great many Dutch people are also bilingual or even multilingual. It almost seems like anyone could translate a text. There is a lot more to creating a good translation than that, though.

Not as easy as 1-2-3

Firstly, you cannot translate a text literally. Different languages use different sets of grammar rules. Only someone who has truly mastered a language, can properly translate a text from another language. A good, linguistically correct translation keeps the chances of something getting lost in translation to a minimum. Secondly, the target audience also needs to be considered during translation. How do they read, how do they experience things, and what level of formality do they use and expect? This is important information to make sure the translation is well received by the target audience. It is therefore advisable to call on a Dutch translation agency for official translations.

Native speakers

We safeguard the quality of our translations by only working with native speakers. Our Dutch native speakers are translators who were born and raised here. They know the language and culture like no other. So they know what to look out for when translating into Dutch, they understand how the source document was written and what feeling needs to be conveyed. They also apply these principles when translating from Dutch into another language. To be sure that your translation is perfect, it is quality-checked by an experienced, native speaker revisor.

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"”I always strive to provide our clients with a tailored quote that not only meets their expectations, but exceeds them.”"
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Certified Dutch translation agency

We are proud of our ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 certifications. These certifications guarantee a high-quality translation. Our translations are exclusively executed by native speakers, and we always have these translations checked by an experienced revisor. That's how you are guaranteed a perfect translation.

Dutch translations

As a translation agency, it goes without saying that Dutch is an indispensable language. In 2020 we translated more than 15,000 documents from or into Dutch. Our Dutch translators can translate your texts from and into Dutch with excellent quality. We have been providing high-quality Dutch translations for nearly ten years now. Have your documents translated by a Dutch translator at Translation Agency Perfect.

Common language pairs

Dutch - German, German - Dutch, Dutch - English, English - Dutch and Dutch - Spanish are the most common language pairs that our Dutch translators deal with on a daily basis.

Want to translate a German advertisement into Dutch, for example? We would be happy to help!

Translating for our clients is both our passion and our calling

Your trusted language service provider for Dutch translations Translation Agency Perfect
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Your trusted language service provider for Dutch translations

We help organisations of all sizes maximise their international potential, every single day. We take a close look at your needs and will happily consult with you about your translation requirements. Interested? Request a free quote!

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A flawless test translation gave us complete confidence in Translation Agency Perfect” We discussed the style of the translation personally. We compiled a terminology list and they adhered to it perfectly.
– Elseline Tolhoek - Zalando
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98% of our customers recommend us Translation Agency Perfect
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98% of our customers recommend us

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The translation agency that speaks the jargon of your target audience Translation Agency Perfect
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The translation agency that speaks the jargon of your target audience

Every year, we translate texts for over 2000 different organizations, and ours texts are read by people all over the world. Our team of native translators and language experts will find the right terminology and tone for you.

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Quality guarantee and certification Translation Agency Perfect
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Quality guarantee and certification

We are among the few translation agencies that are both ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 certified. What is unique is our quality guarantee, which applies to every translation. We are also B corp certified. A B Corp also achieves social and sustainable impact. We want globalisation to make a positive contribution. We strive to improve every single day, and have been for over fourteen years.

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Meet the people in our team
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