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Having your marketing texts such as brochures translated by a certified translation agency makes for a good first impression for any organisation. A poor translation will lead to negative associations for the reader. For technical, legal and medical translations, a poor translation can lead to people interpreting the text incorrectly, which can have dire consequences. Translation Agency Perfect is one of the few officially certified translation agencies in the Netherlands with both the ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 certifications.

Quality guarantee

We guarantee a correct translation according to the briefing. If the translation doesn't meet our high standards, we will correct the translation free of charge up to 30 days after delivery. Any requests for stylistic changes can be discussed, but prevention is better than cure in most cases. When asking for a quote, please provide us with as many details as possible in terms of the desired tone of voice, terminology or other requirements. Our project managers are eager to help you draw up a proper briefing.

ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 certified translation agency

The primary goal of the ISO-9001 standard is the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction. It requires having an elaborate quality policy in place that is upheld in practice. Using this system teaches us something new every day and allows us to always keep improving. The primary goal of the ISO-17100 standard is the continuous improvement of the translations themselves. In practice, only recognised translation agencies have this particular certification. One of the requirements of this standard is a revision (a second check) of any translated text. In addition, the translation must be delivered in accordance with the agreement. The remaining specific requirements relate to the use and educational background of translators, quality assurance, project management and contracts. The ISO-17100 also sets high requirements for the process and security of (project-related) information provided by the customer.

We are also ISO certified for post-editing

We offer you the certainty of a high-quality machine translation with post-editing. Indeed, Translation agency Perfect is one of the few translation agencies in the Netherlands with an ISO certificate specifically for post-editing machine translations, the ISO-18587 standard. This quality standard imposes strict requirements on the quality of the post-edited translation, but also on us as a translation agency. In addition, we will always give advice if the nature of the text is not suitable for post-editing.

Ask for a sample translation or have a look at some of our examples

Translation is a service where it's difficult for clients to have a clear idea of what the final product will end up looking like. To give you a better idea of our services we, as a certified translation agency, have published a number of example translations in consultation with our clients. You can also request a no-obligation sample translation free of charge. If you contact us, one of our project managers will be more than happy to help.

VViN and Fenedex membership

We're also active within a number of industry organisations. The primary goal of these memberships is knowledge sharing, which benefits both the industry and our translation agency in general. Translation Agency Perfect is a full-fledged member of the VViN (previously known as the ATA). This association of translation agencies in the Netherlands is the industry organisation for translation agencies that focus on quality, meticulousness and knowledge sharing within the industry. Fenedex is an association comprised of Dutch exporters and other internationally active organisations. The association works to share and enrich knowledge in general. We decided to join this network in order to both share our knowledge and to support Dutch export.

B the Change - a global movement Translation Agency Perfect

B the Change - a global movement

We believe the B Corp movement is a prime example of how globalisation can make a positive contribution. We are now officially a B Corp, and our organisational model contributes to this. B Corps strive for a global culture change to redefine success in business and to create a more meaningful and sustainable economy. We want to be a part of that too.

Sv G Connect

Sam van Gentevoort
Teamcoach Strategy

I believe organisations can make more of an impact if they live in harmony with their environment and themselves. B Corp helps us to reflect on this and, if needed, to take action.

What is a B Corp?

There are approximately 3600 B Corps in over 65 countries, including established names like Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, The Body Shop, Einhorn, and Triodos Bank. Want to know more about B Corp? Watch this video about B Corps.

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We help organisations of all sizes maximise their international potential, every single day. We take a close look at your needs and will happily consult with you about your translation requirements. Interested? Request a free quote!

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98% of our customers recommend us
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We are among the few translation agencies that are both ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 certified. What is unique is our quality guarantee, which applies to every translation. We are also B corp certified. A B Corp also achieves social and sustainable impact. We want globalisation to make a positive contribution. We strive to improve every single day, and have been for over fifteen years.

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