Translation Agency Perfect is among the few translation agencies in the Netherlands that are both ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 certified.

The ISO 9001 and 17100 certificates are European quality standards for translation agencies, an initiative by the European CEN institute and the EUATC, the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies. These standards allow translation agencies to have their services certified by an independent agency. In order to remain a certified a translation agency, we have KIWA Nederland BV perform an audit every year.

ISO 9001 certification

According to the ISO standard, a translation agency’s quality policy must be documented and known to all employees. A translation agency has to ensure proper client satisfaction by meeting clients’ demands, and it must also comply with any regulations regarding translations, as well as the demands the organisation itself has set.

In short, ISO is focused on the clients’ satisfaction and the resulting quality control and improvements. See our ISO 9001 certificate [PDF download] .

ISO 17100 certification

In order to standardise the translation process and in order to develop a quality standard for translation agencies, the European Committee for Standardization created this European standard for translation services. This particular standard stipulates a number of specific requirements that a certified translation agency must meet regarding the use of translators, quality control, project management, contracts and provision of service.

This standard includes some strict demands regarding revisions (independent checks) of translated texts. See our ISO 17100 certificate [PDF download] .

The ISO 17100 standard requires us to:

  • Work with highly trained and experienced translators and revisors
  • Revise every single translation
  • Conclude a very clear agreement with the client
  • Deliver the translation according to said agreement

Why does every translation have to be of the best possible quality?

Translations of marketing texts, including brochures and websites, usually constitute the first impression your company leaves on an individual. A poor translation will have an adverse effect on the reader. When it comes to technical, legal and medical translations, a poor translation could lead to the content of a text being interpreted the wrong way, which can have dire consequences. In order to safeguard high-quality translations, our translation agency is a member of various influential organisations.

If you would like a sample of our translations, please have a look at some of our sample translations.