French Translation Agency

We are specialised in the French language. As a French translation agency we provide high-quality translations. The French are very proud of their language, which is why we dedicate ourselves to delivering translations that precisely match the needs of your target group. In order to be able to successfully do business in France or other French-speaking countries, breaking the language barrier is the first step to a successful business venture. We can help you do so.

Translating French properly

There is more to a good French translation than simply converting words from one language to another. Our many years of experience have taught us that specifically writing a text for a French audience is much more effective than simply translating a text into French. In order to really reach your target group, a rewritten text does a better job of conveying just the right tone. Of course, ‘just translating’ a text into French is definitely an option when it comes to internal documents or if the goal is simply to make information easy to understand. However, if the translation serves a commercial purpose, or if it’s a legal [sworn] translation, employing a certified French translation agency is the best option.

Opt for a French language specialist

Because we are a French translation agency we solely employ highly trained and experienced translators. Our translators, all native speakers, grew up with the French language and culture. In addition, we have two certifications related to translation:  ISO9001:2008 and NEN-EN-15038. This means that every single French translation is checked thoroughly by an experienced French revisor. Doing so allows us to deliver exactly what you need: high-quality translations.