Translation Agency Perfect is the most competitively priced ISO & NEN-certified translation agency in the Netherlands. You are guaranteed high-quality translations at favourable rates. Would you like a price estimate for your translation?

Regular translations General quality check Complete quality check
General € 0,13 € 0,15
Specialised area of expertise € 0,14 € 0,16
Surcharge for other languages * € 0,02 – € 0,06 € 0,02 – € 0,06
Minimum rate € 40,- € 50,-


Urgent translations General quality check Complete quality check
All areas of expertise ** € 0,15 – € 0,16 € 0,17 – € 0,18

* This surcharge applies to translations with language pairs other than Dutch, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and English.
** The rate for urgent translations applies if a translation has to be completed on the same day, or if we need to translate more than 2,000 words per working day in order to meet the desired deadline. 


The amounts listed above are exclusive of 21% VAT. In addition to the translation, you will receive your invoice based on the confirmed quotation.

Quantity discounts

For large translations we apply quantity discounts. You can use our online calculator to get a price estimate for your translation. This estimate includes any quantity discounts.