Legal Translations

We regularly supply legal translations for various law firms. They appreciate our meticulousness and our quick service. Legal translations require very specialist knowledge. We build upon this knowledge every single day. A single incorrectly translated word can have a huge impact on the accuracy of the text. This is why all legal texts are translated by experienced legal translators who are aware of the terminology and writing styles commonly used in legal documents. Naturally, we can also provide sworn translations.

Reliable legal translation agency

As a legal translation agency, we employ several experienced legal and sworn translators. These translators can translate legal documents using the same the proper legal terminology and the same sophistication that lawyers employ. This knowledge is absolutely essential, because a proper legal translation cannot contain any errors and has to be as objective as possible.

Meticulous and confidential

A non-disclosure agreement applies to every single translation (see our general terms and conditions). All of our employees have signed a non-disclosure agreement. We are aware that our clients’ projects often have very specific deadlines. This is why we always aim to respond quickly to any questions. Additionally, we are always very clear about delivery times and exact prices in our quotations.

Focus on quality while remaining price conscious

At Translation Agency Perfect, quality is our absolute top priority. We are both ISO9001 and NEN-EN-15038 certified. These standards require us to meet strict requirements regarding quality. We are obligated to have every translated legal text thoroughly checked by experienced revisors.

Some of the most common legal translations include:

  • General terms and conditions
  • Licences and agreements
  • Annual reports
  • Purchasing and labour contracts
  • Adoption certificates
  • Insurance policies
  • Chamber of Commerce extracts
  • Subpoenas
  • Regulations

We are happy to provide you with a legal translation. Request a quotation.