Medical Translations

As a medical translation agency, we can translate even the most difficult medical texts. In addition to being specialised in specific languages, our translators also specialise in translating texts within medicine. Several of our translators have worked in a hospital, and some of them are actually doctors, physicians or pharmacists. Every medical discipline uses very specific terminology. This means that, when it comes to medical translations, you have to be able to rely on experienced medical translators who are familiar with medical jargon. Our medical translators all have a medical background and deliver the quality necessary for medical translations.

Quality medical translations

Translation Agency Perfect has both ISO9001_2008 and NEN-EN 15038 certifications. According to these standards, medical translations always need to be checked by a second translator in order to guarantee proper quality. A translation is checked for accuracy, correct grammar and spelling, and whether the proper medical terminology was used. Because of these quality standards we have been doing medical translations for various pharmaceutical companies, government institutions and healthcare organisations for many years.

Areas of expertise

As a medical translation agency, we can accommodate the following medical documents:

  • Product descriptions
  • Instructions for use
  • Scientific articles
  • Patient information
  • Medical reports and/or dossiers
  • Information brochures
  • Clinical studies
  • Medical protocols

These documents are very common within various medical disciplines, including the pharmaceutical industry, physical therapy, the veterinary industry and gynaecology. Pharmaceutical translations are especially common, because many pharmaceutical companies are active internationally. They want to make sure patients and customers receive the right information, but communication among said companies also plays a part. Translation Agency Perfect has the necessary expertise required for high-quality medical translations.