Italian Translation Agency

Doing business in Italian speaking countries starts with translating. As an Italian translation agency, we deliver professional, high-quality translations. Translation Agency Perfect has the necessary expertise for all kinds of texts, from contracts to promotional texts. Our Italian translators are all native speakers of this highly dynamic language, in addition to having had academic education, as well as years of experience in a variety of specialisations. This means our translators can give each of your translations exactly the right tone needed.

The Italian language

Italian (Italiano) is one of the Romance languages. It is spoken by approximately 57 million people in Italy and comprises various dialects. It is often assumed that the various Italian dialects all come from the ‘standard Italian’, but that is a misconception. ‘Standard Italian’ is based on a dialect spoken in Tuscany in the 14th century. Many of the Italian dialects differ significantly from each other and from Standard Italian. Historically, Italians only spoke their local dialects. This, coupled with the huge differences in said dialects, made it difficult for Italians to understand each other. Nowadays, Standard Italian is the lingua franca in Italy. And this is also the language our translators have been trained in.

How our Italian translation agency works

Our translators are exclusively native speakers. In other words, all our translators are translating into the language they were born and raised with. The main benefit is that your text will perfectly match your target audience. Our Italian translators take into account the many cultural differences between Italy and other countries.

You can be sure that your translated text is correct. We also make use of various advanced translation tools, which makes for very consistent work. It also saves time. This is why our rates are up to 20% lower than those of other translation agencies that deliver similar work.