Borders are fading, but language barriers remain. The world is becoming ever smaller. Companies are going international on a global scale, increasing the need for translations. As a professional translation agency, we employ a modern approach in what is generally a very traditional industry. We are committed to our clients and our service. Every day we strive to support our clients in communicating with their target groups abroad.

Translation Agency Perfect employs its own translators, including specialists in German and English language and culture. This enables us to translate texts in a very professional manner. We always take into account cultural differences between countries and languages. In addition, our translators have a wealth of experience in translation, and they are always native speakers of their target language.


“In 2008, the translation agency known as Duits Perfect was founded, following a newspaper article with the headline “The Netherlands is missing out on 8 billion euros each year because of poor communication with Germany.” Duits Perfect was a proper startup, an ambitious, innovative, quick and flexible organisation with short lines. There are downsides to every advantage, though. Back then the company did not yet benefit from years of experience, and it lacked focus. We wanted to retain all of our strong points from those early days while working on those issues. Our clients were very satisfied with our German translations. They started asking us if we were able to translate to and from other languages as well. As a result, Vertaalbureau Perfect was founded. In the early beginnings, we had already laid our foundations for our current mission, vision and core values. Since our company was founded, we have consistently grown by approximately 50% every year.” – Sam van Gentevoort, Director/Owner

ISO and NEN certification

Translation Agency Perfect is one of the few ISO 9001 & NEN-EN-15038 certified translation agencies in the Netherlands. The ISO and NEN certifications can be seen as the best quality guarantee for translation agencies. These standards stipulate a number of requirements that translation agencies must meet regarding the use of translators, quality assurance, project management and contracts. These standards also require us to have each translation checked by a revisor.