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Grolsch and Translation Agency Perfect have been working together intensively since 2015. We have translated more than 150,000 words for Grolsch since the start of our collaboration. Since Grolsch was acquired by Asahi, much of our translation work consisted of texts that needed to be translated from English and Japanese into Dutch. These included everything from HR files to internal memos from the board to all employees. Grolsch has a dedicated project manager at Translation Agency Perfect, which makes the entire process run a lot more smoothly. We also have fixed (price) agreements with Grolsch, which means they always know exactly where they stand.

We've included a selection of translations we've done for Grolsch below.

About Royal Grolsch

Grolsch was founded in 1615, which makes it one of the oldest companies in the Netherlands. Grolsch is known for its excellent beer and over time it grew to become one of the strongest A-brands in the Netherlands. However, this brand reputation is not limited to the domestic market. Grolsch has since become internationally acclaimed as well. The recent acquisitions of external (foreign) brewers played an especially important role in that process. In October 2016, Grolsch itself was acquired and incorporated into the Asahi Group.

Grolsch has approximately 750 employees, both at home and abroad. Grolsch was awarded the name ‘Royal’ in 1995, and has been titled Royal Grolsch since then. Originally, the company is from Groenlo, but the brewery moved to Enschede in 1895. A new, highly efficient brewery opened in the south west of Enschede in 2004. This is where they brew beer with state-of-the-art technology.

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Translating an annual report into English

Grolsch is an international company. To make sure everyone can read the annual report, we need to have it translated into English every year.

  • Translating an annual report
  • Dutch - English
  • 9,600 words

Financial translations with technical jargon

We regularly provide financial translations to Grolsch; from quarterly and half-year statements to HR documents, and from financial legislation to certain policies.


An urgent translation into German

Urgent translations are a regular and very important occurrence at Grolsch. Speed is paramount for these assignments, but the quality of our translations never suffers.


Translating a blog into Dutch

Since Grolsch was acquired by the Japanese company Asahi, we've been translating several blogs from Japanese and English into Dutch every month.

  • Translating your blog
  • Japanese - Dutch
  • 450 words
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