Document Translations

The vast majority of translation requests at Translation Agency Perfect deal with the translation of documents. This seems obvious, as most texts to be translated are documents of sorts. Some examples of documents include birth certificates, letters of amendment, patient files, objections, political programmes, logs, syllabi and travel reports. Translation Agency Perfect has completed a large variety of document translations for both private individuals and large organisations for many years.

Professional translations

You can, of course, opt for having your documents translated using machine translation. However, such a translation will never live up to the quality standards that a translation agency adheres to. Have your documents translated professionally, by Translation Agency Perfect.

Quality translations

Translation Agency Perfect has both ISO and NEN certifications. These are leading quality standards within the translation industry. They require us to have an experienced revisor check every translated text, and they also dictate that we must work solely with ‘native speakers’. This guarantees that you will receive a high-quality translation. In addition to being language experts, our educated translators are also keenly aware of the culture associated with a particular language. This means we can ensure that each translation matches its target group perfectly.