We calculate the price by multiplying the word count by the rate per word. This then becomes the base translation price.

If you would like us to perform a full quality check on the translation, we will charge a small additional fee. If your translation doesn't have a Western European language in the language pair, the price may go up. Finally, we charge an additional fee if you have an urgent translation.

We always determine the delivery time for a translation in mutual consultation. A good rule of thumb is one business day for start-up, plus one business day for every 1,500 to 2,000 words. We can generally deliver urgent translations of up to 2,000 words within one business day. Your project manager would be happy to advise you when it comes to meeting certain deadlines.

An urgent translation is a job that needs to be finished on the same day, or a job for which we need to translate more than 2,000 words per business day in order to meet the desired deadline.

A quality check means an experienced revisor (sometimes called a reviewer or proofreader) checks the translation. We have two different types: a full quality check (in accordance with ISO-17100) and a random check (not in accordance with ISO-17100).

Full quality check

We strongly recommend that you choose the full quality check in order to avoid any inconsistencies. Choosing this option means your text will be translated by trained and experienced native speakers in accordance with our ISO-17100 certification. In addition, your entire translation will be checked by an experienced revisor and corrected where necessary.

Random quality check

If a cheaper translation price is more important to you than absolute perfection, we recommend choosing the random quality check instead. Your text will still be translated by a trained and experienced native speaker, but the text will only be checked randomly and our ISO-17100 certification does not apply. This results in a cheaper translation, as we don't have to spend as much time on the quality check. However, this also means that minor inconsistencies in the translation may occur.

You can accept your quote by providing your online signature. The email with your quote also contains a link. This link will direct you to our online client portal where you can sign the quote.

Alternatively, you can send us an email in which you state that you accept our quote. Please make sure to always state the quote number when you do so!

Yes. Our general terms and conditions have the following clause regarding confidentiality:

Article 4 – Execution of assignments and confidentiality

4.1 The translation agency is obliged to execute the assignment to the best of its knowledge and ability and with the necessary expertise, taking into account the purpose of the text(s) to be translated or edited by the translation agency, as specified by the client.

The translation agency will treat the information made available by the client confidentially insofar as this is possible in connection with the execution of the assignment. The translation agency will oblige its employees to observe confidentiality. However, the translation agency is not liable for violation of the confidentiality obligation by these employees if the translation agency can demonstrate that it was unable to prevent this violation.

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the translation agency has the right to have an assignment (partly) performed by third parties, without prejudice to the translation agency's responsibility for the confidential treatment and proper execution of the assignment. The translation agency will oblige said third parties to observe confidentiality. However, the translation agency is not liable for breaches of the duty of confidentiality by these third parties if the translation agency can demonstrate that it was unable to prevent this violation.

The client is obliged, if possible, to provide a substantive explanation of the text to be translated and, if available, to provide the translation agency with relevant documentation and terminology. The sending of said information is always at the expense and risk of the client.

Our translators prefer working with Microsoft Word files. However, this doesn't mean you are restricted to just this file type. For example, if you have a PDF file, we can most likely convert it to a translatable format. Other file formats we can work with include: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, XML and any plain text files. Do you have a different file type? Please contact one of our project managers.

Files must be provided digitally. We assess the provided documents on complexity and will perform a word count before we draw up a quote. We can make some exceptions depending on the situation. Legal documents and documents that require a sworn translation may be provided by registered post due to their confidential nature.

Websites or online stores are some of the most common translation assignments. The fastest way to get a quote for your translation is providing your texts in a workable file format. Microsoft Word or Excel, for example. If this isn't possible, we may be able to manually count the words on your website, but this takes up a lot of time.

If the website is small and mostly consists of informational texts, we can extract the texts based on the URL provided and prepare them for translation. We will paste the extracted texts into a Microsoft Word document, which we will include for approval with the quote. We will deliver the translation in Microsoft Word as well.

You can opt to provide the texts in a translation or export file as well. Some of the common file formats include CSV, XLIFF, XML or PO. These are file types we can process and we recommend that you use these file types if your web environment features a lot of product information or many different unique webpages. We will deliver the translation in the same format, allowing you to use an import feature to directly process the translation. This is the most effective way to translate a website.

We also have experience in working within CMSs or software localisation systems, so this is definitely an option for translating your website. Though we may not be familiar with every system out there, there are virtually no limits to what we can accomplish with a detailed brief and close collaboration.

Please contact our project managers if you would like more in-depth advice regarding website translations. We would be happy to help!

We have our own in-house translators for German, English and French. In addition, we have a global network of professional and reliable translators we can employ for your desired language pair.

Here you will find a comprehensive list of available languages.

A certified translation has to meet several strict requirements. For example, the text must be translated by an experienced translator and checked by a second, independent reviewer. This check safeguards the quality of our translations. A certified translation will not feature a declaration, signature or stamp.

A sworn translation is a translation that is certified by a translator who has been sworn in by a court for a specific language pair (on the basis of training and experience). The translator certifies the translation by physically attaching it to the original document, declaring that the translation is correct and complete in their estimation, and adding their signature and stamp.

A sworn translation is virtually only required for legal reasons. When in doubt, we recommend that you verify with whatever party requesting a sworn translation that such a translation is absolutely necessary. Sometimes a translation agency's stamp will suffice. There are many excellent translators who have decided not to be sworn in. It must be said, though, that a translator is sworn in based on demonstrable proficiency and training.

Yes, we provide sworn translations for a variety of companies on a regular basis. We do not have sworn translators for every language pair. Whether we can provide a sworn translation depends on translator availability.

We offer what we call a quantity discount. As the word count increases, the rate per word will go down accordingly. Our translation prices are based on a rate per word. This rate depends on the following points.

  1. The word count
  2. Language pair
  3. Nature of the text
  4. Quality check

If you are looking for a fixed translation partner, Translation Agency Perfect can make fixed price agreements. Based on your expectations and desires, we can provide you with a fitting offer. Any agreements made apply to every single translation.

A translation memory is a tool that supports translators in translating sentences or segments that they already translated previously. The translator always remains in control. A machine translation is a fully automated translation (e.g. Google Translate). We strongly advise against using a machine translation.

Yes, we can use a specific writing style. We would like to receive some specific information about the translation beforehand, which will allow us to use the desired style instead of having to change it after the fact.

Yes, you can send along a list of terminology for your translation. In fact, we advise our clients to do this as much as possible. This is especially important if you have a lot of translation work to be done, since it allows us to keep your translations consistent.

Our client portal offers the following functionalities:

  • You can request a new quote
  • An overview of completed translations
  • An overview of the most recently requested quotes
  • An overview of your invoices
  • You can change your invoice settings
  • You can change your (contact) information

Translation Agency Perfect will treat the information made available by the client confidentially insofar as this is possible in connection with the execution of the assignment. The translation agency will oblige its employees to observe confidentiality. This is also stated in our general terms and conditions.

You should choose Translation Agency Perfect if you want excellent translations at competitive rates. We speak the language of your target audience and offer a quality guarantee. Additionally, we offer payment in arrears by invoice.

Experienced in-house translators and revisors

Translation Agency Perfect primarily employs experienced (in-house) translators and revisors. Our translators and employees are highly trained and have a wealth of experience in translation and language in general. If we are unable to do a translation in house, we have a network of hundreds of experienced external translators we can turn to.

External translators

Naturally, not all of our translators (full time or part time) work in house. Many (freelance) translators work from home and may operate from anywhere in the world. This isn't a problem as our system allows us to maintain direct contact with our (external) translators, which allows us to communicate quickly despite any physical distance between us. We've had a solid working relationship with most of our freelance translators for many years.

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