October 19, 2015
 - Jeroen van den Engel
These days, nearly everyone has a smartphone. Need a translation right away? Opening an app is much quicker than leafing through some huge dictionary. Vertaalbureau Perfect wants to remain informed of all developments in the translation industry. That is why this blog is dedicated to the five best translation apps in 2015. 1. Google Translate Price: free. Available on: iOS, Android, Windows Phone. It is hardly surprising that Google Translate is still the most well-known translation app. Google...
September 26, 2015
 - Jeroen van den Engel
Is language hip and catchy? If you look at the language used in job vacancies, online campaigns and advertisements, you will notice that many of them use lots of trendy words in order to make the message more impressive. This type of hip language is becoming ever more popular, but if you take a good look at the message, the words are mostly empty. Essentially, buzzwords don’t really mean anything. This article takes a look at what buzzwords are exactly, the situations they are commonly used in...