These days, nearly everyone has a smartphone. Need a translation right away? Opening an app is much quicker than leafing through some huge dictionary. Translation Agency Perfect wants to remain informed of all developments in the translation industry. That is why this blog is dedicated to the five best translation apps.

1. Google Translate

Price: free. Available on: iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

It is hardly surprising that Google Translate is still the most well-known translation app. Google Translate can even translate images nowadays.

With over 90 languages and 6,320 available language pairs, Google Translate has the largest language database. The translations are not always error free or accurate, but the app is very fast and available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

2. Microsoft Translator

Price: free. Available on Android.

Microsoft has been launching several apps for Android lately. Microsoft Translator was a recent addition. This app is suitable for Android wear (like the Smartwatch), which makes it an interesting translation app for Android users.

Microsoft Translator is unique: you can translate in real time and browse through saved and recent translations. The app can also be used through voice commands; you will hear the translation through the speaker. Thanks to the unique features of this state-of-the-art translation app, Microsoft Translator takes our number 2 spot.

3. iTranslate

Price: free version or a €4.99 version. Available on Android and iOS

Just like Google Translate, this app can translate into over 90 different languages. iTranslate has a simpler and more appealing design than Google’s app, but it doesn’t have as many features. The paid version is ad free. It can also translate long sentences, which isn’t possible in the free version. In addition, the free version has quite a few advertisements.

4. WayGo

Price: €1.99 a week Available on Android and iOS

This app for Android and iOS is perfect for users who translate texts into Chinese, Korean or Japanese. Translations are mostly done through images, which is ideal because many characters used in these languages are hard to write. In addition to taking photographs directly, you can also use pictures from your own gallery.

One thing to keep in mind is that this app only translates into English. The free version allows you to translate 10 words per day. The paid version has no limit on the number of words and costs €1.99 a week.

5. iHandy

Price: free version or a €1.99 version. Available on iOS

This translation app is very easy to use. If you type in a word, the translation will be shown below. What’s so fun about this app is that you can link it to social media. The free version of the app contains advertising. The €1.99 version does not have any ads. This version allows you to change the voice that pronounces the words.

Quality of the translation

It is a convenient and quick solution as far as translation apps go. However, the quality of the translations often leaves a lot to be desired. If you need high-quality texts, have them translated by a professional translator.

Legal texts and terminology should not be translated by a machine. These texts have to be high quality, because they do more than just facilitate communication between two people. Translation apps should be used for specific purposes. If a text needs to have a certain level of quality, contact a professional translator.

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