We always aim to deliver our translations on time, as per our agreement. In order to provide an accurate ETA, we use two types of deadlines. The delivery time is always stated on the quotation. The final deadline also shows up in the client portal after confirmation. After that, if you still have any questions or if the deadline doesn’t fit your schedule, our project managers will be happy to help in any way they can.

The default deadline

In most cases, we use a default deadline based on the moment the quotation is confirmed. At this point, the ETA will apply (in days), and the deadline will show immediately.


The delivery time is 2 business days after we receive the signed quotation.

The quotation is signed on Monday at 15:00.

Monday, 15:00 + 2 business days* = Wednesday

In the above example, the translation will be delivered on Wednesday at 17:00 at the latest.

A specific deadline

This deadline is commonly used if the translation needs to be done by a specific time. The delivery time we discussed will be the final deadline. If we have agreed on a deadline, please take into account the confirmation of the quotation, which needs to happen in a timely manner if we are to deliver the translation on time. The quotation will show the final deadline, as well as the moment the quotation was confirmed.

An example

Our client needs the translation by Friday at 14:00. This deadline was discussed with the project manager and can be met if the quotation is confirmed before Wednesday at 17:00. The quotation will reflect this information. If the quotation is confirmed by e.g. Wednesday at 16:00 (before the agreed time), the translation will be delivered in accordance with the delivery date mentioned on the quotation, i.e. by Friday at 14:00.