C&G Paneelbouw

C&G Paneelbouw is a licensed builder for a number of well-known brands, including ABB, Hager, Weber by Hager, Eaton Holec, Legrand and Schneider. C&G Paneelbouw specializes in assembling electrical distribution apparatuses and control panels. C&G Paneelbouw collaborates with installation companies, machine builders and manufacturers in order to offer custom products, from design up to completion.

What do you have to say about the quality of Vertaalbureau Perfect’s translations?

Vertaalbureau Perfect has translated a variety of documents for C&G Paneelbouw. They mostly include informative texts for C&G Paneelbouw’s customers regarding technical products. This text, which was both informative and technical, was translated by a technical translator in order to maintain the proper terminology. Afterwards, the text was revised by a revisor who was more at home with informative and marketing texts, in order to make sure the text was easy to read. This combination resulted in the text being readable, whilst maintaining technical accuracy.