Babboe Bakfietsen

Easy, fast, safe and cosy. That is what Babboe Bakfietsen is all about. The world at your feet, and your kids right in front of you. To school, to visit friends, the supermarket, the playground, the park, or any other type of activity. The cargo bikes are the perfect mode of transportation for children, with plenty of space left over for groceries, a stroller, or other items.

How do we help Babboe in bringing the joy of cargo bikes to other countries?

We translate Babboe’s manuals, contracts and marketing materials into English, German and French. The marketing texts need to have the right tone of voice in order to convey the “Babboe spirit”. The manuals need to be understandable, without any complexity. The contracts were translated very meticulously, so that Babboe will not have to deal with any unexpected issues during their international expansion.

“The ratio of price and quality is perfect, translations were delivered quickly, and communication was clear and to the point.”