Portugese Translation Agency

If you’re doing business in Portugal or Brazil, or if you communicate with Portuguese-speaking people on a regular basis, you will often have to translate texts from and to Portuguese. When it comes to Portuguese translations, a Portuguese translation agency may be just what you need.

Portuguese language and Brazil

Portuguese is spoken by about 230 million people worldwide, of which around 210 million are native speakers. Portuguese is an official language in the European Union and is spoken in the countries that, together, form the Community of Portuguese Language Countries. Brazil is one of the countries where Portuguese is spoken, but Brazilian Portuguese differs from the variety spoken in other countries. Portuguese as spoken in Portugal is difficult to understand for Brazilians. Portuguese spelling is uniform in all Portuguese-speaking countries, although it seems that these rules are not consistently applied within Portugal.

Portuguese translations

Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese are essentially two different languages, and as a Portuguese translation agency we can deliver translations in both varieties. Translation Agency Perfect has all of its translations done solely by native speakers with higher education in Portuguese language and culture. We can take care of all your Portuguese translations, from straightforward documents to complicated technical documents.

Choose a Portuguese translation agency

Translation Agency Perfect is one of the few translation agencies in the Netherlands with both ISO and NEN certifications. This means that each and every translation is thoroughly checked by experienced revisors in order to meet the stringent quality standards that ISO and NEN require. You can rest assured that your translations will be of the highest quality, taking into account Portuguese culture. We offer Portuguese translations within every conceivable discipline and area of expertise, and we make sure our translations are in tune with the target group.